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Do i need to soften my earwax beforehand?

Using a natural olive oil spray for a few days beforehand can make the procedure easier and help to relieve your symptoms, so. if you are able to use some olive oil even a few hours beforehand we would recommend this. However, almost all cases earwax can be removed via microsuction without pre-treatment, so if you have not been able to soften your wax, we will still most likely be able to remove it. We advise against the use of chemical solutions such as Otex, sodium bicarbonate or hydrogen peroxide, as these are unhealthy for the skin in your ear canal and can cause the wax to travel further into your ear canal.

Can i book if i have an ear infection?

Yes, you are still able to book an appointment and have microsuction if you have a confirmed or suspected ear infection. The audiologist will be able to remove any mucus, discharge or wax blocking your ear canal. This can help to improve your hearing, relieve your symptoms and increase the effectiveness of prescribed antibiotics. It is very important however that you still see your GP for diagnosis and treatment of the infection, as we are unable to prescribe antibiotics.

What method is used to remove my earwax?

The method used at Vivona Earcare for earwax removal is called microsuction. During this procedure, the clinician will wear a headlight and microscope to see exactly what they are doing inside your ear, while using a suction device at low pressure to gently remove the wax. Microsuction is painless, fast, effective, hygienic, and considered the safest method of removing wax from the ear. Unlike outdated methods such as syringing / irrigation, no water or high pressure is used, making it the gold standard method for earwax removal across medical practice.

What Happens During An Appointment?

Both ears will be examined by the clinician using a camera and screen for your viewing. A brief consultation will follow to decide what treatment best suits your requirements. Treatment options can include:

 - Microsuction for one or both ears: ideal for earwax removal, foreign body removal, ear infection management or dry skin/debris removal 
- Tea-Tree Cleanse for one or both ears: ideal for ear cleaning if no wax is present or relief of dry / itchy ears
- Otovent Autoinflation: ideal for fluid trapped behind the eardrum, diagnosed glue ear, middle ear infections or eustachian tube dysfunction


The clinician will then explain the treatment before carrying it out, and make sure that you are comfortable. After your treatment, your ears will be shown to you again using the video otoscope and viewing screen.

How long does the procedure take?

Microsuction does not normally take longer than 5-10 minutes per ear, and can be as quick as a few seconds depending on the texture of your earwax and the severity of the blockage. The full apointment is 30 minutes to allow some extra time to fully cater to your needs and address any further issues you may have if necessary.

What if my earwax cannot be removed during the appointment?

Microsuction is very effective, so in 95% of cases an earwax blockage will be fully removed from both ears in one 30 appointment. However, the most severe cases of earwax blockage may require a second appointment if the wax is very deep or very impacted. A second appointment will be provided free of charge if necessary. It is very rare to require a third appointment for earwax removal, so in the small chance that this is the case, we will discuss alternative referral options that may be suitable.

Where can I park during my appointment?

If attending our Bromley clinic, there is on street parking outside the building on both Elmfied Park and Elmfield Road. Alternatively you can park in Bromley The Mall NCP car park which is opposite the building.

If attending our Croydon clinic, the nearest car park is the NCP within the Croydon Whitgift Centre which is 4 minutes walk away. Disabled parking is available onsite at our building. If you have a disabled badge, please let us know when booking to be given instructions on how to access for disabled parking.

What method is used to rmove my earwax?
What Happens During An Appointment?
Do I need to soften my earwax beforehand?
Can I book if I have an ear infection?
How long does the procedure take?
What if my earwax cannot be removed?
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